Is it really the end?

LOC and Jo Mercer-5

My fears of Summer coming to a close are starting to become a reality!

I had envisioned my weekend to be spent laying out on the beach, however, it was met with rain, rain and more rain.

Had a great day today though and got to pull out some of my winter items a little earlier than usual.

Wearing: Lack of Color Montana Midnight Muse Hat, Cotton On Zippy Jeans, Cotton On Muscle Tank and Jo Mercer Bombay Boots.

LOC and Jo Mercer-1 LOC and Jo Mercer-2 LOC and Jo Mercer-3 LOC and Jo Mercer-4LOC and Jo Mercer-10 LOC and Jo Mercer-6 LOC and Jo Mercer-7 LOC and Jo Mercer-8 LOC and Jo Mercer-9Β  LOC and Jo Mercer-11


6 thoughts on “Is it really the end?

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  2. I really love the colour combination and how well the pieces go together πŸ˜€
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