The Grounds of Alexandria

The first thing I noticed when I entered The Grounds was the endless photo opportunities. The place was abuzz with people, food, music and gardens. On the particular day I chose to go, there was an amazing market outside. Let’s just say, if I hadn’t of taken my camera I would have been extremely disappointed.

We had an amazing time visiting last Saturday. It was such a beautiful day and our bellies were satisfied with delicious food! I had the Grounds Burger (as featured in the shots below) which reminded me of a typical American cheeseburger on a brioche bun. #yum

The downside to The Grounds is the wait time, however, it’s definitely worth it. You can spend your time waiting in their amazing gardens, looking around some of the shops in the area or paying a visit to their friendly inhouse pets, Kevin Bacon (the pig) and Bradley (the sheep).

The Grounds is situated in an industrial area of Alexandria, Sydney which gives them the benefit of plenty of room. They are currently in works of extensions which will hopefully ease the wait time and provide somewhere for functions and events.

Starting out as a coffee roastery, The Grounds of Alexandria has become one of Sydney’s leading cafe hotspots. I would recommend a visit as soon as you can get yourself there, however, if you’re in a rush, perhaps choose to go during the week in their downtime.

Wearing: Glassons Playsuit and Steve Madden Flats


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