One Step Ford

I had the pleasure of attending a very exciting event last week for the new EcoSport by Ford Australia.

It was a night of surprise adventures and fun activities. Starting at the Grounds at Alexandria (see previous post on The Grounds here) we were then directed to Adora Healthy Living in Potts Point, then onto Hibernian House, and finally finishing up at The Rook in Sydney CBD..

Hibernian House was a favourite of mine and was where the artist for our event was drawing from. The house looks like any other inner city appartment building, however, once you’re inside, you realise this is not the case! It is home to artists and musicians and every single wall is covered in graffiti and art. Read more about the place in this article.

It was great to meet new people, test drive an amazing new car and try out some of Sydney’s best urban discoveries! Have a look at our exciting afternoon below.

“The new Ford EcoSport invited some of Sydney’s most influential media and bloggers to find their own urban discovery in the city and local artists used social media to capture their experience real time.” – Ford Australia

For your chance to be apart of Sydney’s urban discoveries and to WIN, click HERE.

Grounds Desserts FORD EcoSport-1 FORD EcoSport-12 FORD EcoSport-3 FORD EcoSport-5 FORD EcoSport-4 FORD EcoSport-6 FORD EcoSport-8 FORD EcoSport-7 FORD EcoSport-9 FORD EcoSport-10 FORD EcoSport-11 FORD EcoSport-2


3 Replies to “One Step Ford”

  1. Hey Kelly. I’m currently looking for a leather jacket and can’t help but notice your beautiful one in these photos. Any advice on where to look? Where did you get yours?
    Ps. Loving the blog. Was just wishing a few months ago that one of my fashionable friends would take pics of what they wear every day to give me some inspiration. And now here you are! 🙂 loving it!

    1. Hey Katie!! Glad you like. The jacket is just a cheapie from Dotti a couple of seasons ago but I’m sure they’ll have something similar around this coming Winter. Been thinking of you. Hope you’re well xoxoxox

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