Fitness Foe

I have to admit it. I’m a bit of a fitness foe. I find it so much easier in Summer to exercise and be fit and with the Winter months coming, it’s a real challenge to get motivated to eat right and stay fit.

After just completing a little jog this morning and squeezing a photoshoot in before (as you do) I’m feeling pretty good and quite proud of myself! I just wish that I could be this energetic all the time!

Happy Weekend to all! xx

Wearing: Oakley Crop Top, Monster DNA Headphones, Mod-Case Bamboo Phone Cover & Oakley Frogskin Sunnies

MONSTER exercise-2 MONSTER exercise-4MONSTER exercise-8MONSTER exercise-3MONSTER exercise-1 MONSTER exercise-9 MONSTER exercise-7 MONSTER exercise-11 MONSTER exercise-6 MONSTER exercise-5 MONSTER exercise-10

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