Travel Essentials

I’ve been a bit MIA after my last post which is because I’ve been too busy enjoying the sunshine and blue waters of Phuket Thailand. Much more on that to come though! In the meantime, I’ve put together a short list of some essential travel items.

After years of struggling with what to take for a long haul trip, I think I’ve pretty much got it down pat. There’s a super fine line, and whilst I do push the boundaries in those little clear snap lock bags, I do still claim to be a light traveller.


Alter Eco Dark Quinoa Chocolate

One word = YUM. This dark chocolate has crispy pieces of quinoa scattered throughout and is PERFECT for a (semi) guilt free inflight snack.

Monster DNA Headphones

Check out previous post and your opportuniti]y to win these goodies here. These headphones are perfect for travelling as they fold right up into a little package that is easily stored. The sound quality is perfect and they don’t hurt your poor little ears like the headphones do that the airlines provide you with.


Coast to Coast Moisturising Lotion – $29.95

Probably the most essential items right here. SOCKS and face moisturizer. My two pet peeves are being cold and feeling dry and dehydrated. This is the moisturizer I chose to pack this trip and it’s been fabulous. Coast to Coast have some awesome products with such beautiful scents.


Coast to Coast – Shampoo & Conditioner

On the topic of Coast to Coast. This is a selection of one of their shampoo and conditioner ranges which makes your hair feel a million bucks without the smell of harsh chemicals. This little travel size is perfect for light travellers.


Chap Stick EveryDay Lip Care

My Chap Stick comes to save the day yet again. Perfect for a long haul flight and is ALWAYS kept by my side. No one likes dry lips on a plane! I also used the MixStix stick available in Chap Stick’s new range. Super yummy – although no on is supposed to admit they lick their lips after chap stick, we all know everyone does!


Lumira Travel Candles – $19.95

My FAVOURITE travel candles. Obviosuly not ideal for carry on, however, perfect for that hotel room with that unpleasant odour from the previous holiday makers. These Lumira scents are incredible and at only $19.95 they are very affordable.


Kosmea Facial Wipes – $10.95

These wipes have saved the day on multiple occassions. They are so refreshing and make you feel 100 x cleaner just with the wipe of your neck and face. These are a must have, not just for the plane but for life in general. 🙂


Red Earth Lipstick (Coral Love) – $20.00

If you’re like me and hate wearing make-up on board a long haul flight, then may I suggest a stick of lippy when disembarking? When you’re feeling like a rubbish dump, a simple swipe of lipstick does wonders and avoids applying a full face of makeup. I used this Red Earth shade on my last flight.


And lastly, don’t forget your passport. (duh).

Happy Travelling!

Love K x


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