Phi Phi Dreaming

There are no words to describe the beauty of this place and despite my incessant snapping, it was near impossible to fully capture the wonder of it all.

You know a place is beautiful when the raw creation outdoes the smarts of our technology. I feel no amount of camera tools or instruments could capture the beauty of this place to its full extent.

The Phi Phi Islands are definitely a place you need to see with your own eyes in order to fully experience its amazement. Put it on the bucket list!

Hope you can catch a glimpse of what took my breath away.

Wearing: White Dress (Gifted) & ALDO Astiedien Summer Hat

Photography by Giacomo de Martin & Kelly Piez

Phi Phi-1 Phi Phi-2 Phi Phi-3 Phi Phi-4 Phi Phi-5 Phi Phi-6 Phi Phi-7 Phi Phi-8 Phi Phi-9 Phi Phi-10 Phi Phi-11 Phi Phi-12 Phi Phi-13 Phi Phi-14 Phi Phi-15

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