While I was spending my days in the sunny tropics, I really tried to embrace it as much as I could. I knew the impending doom of the unspeakable ‘Winter’ was waiting for me just around the corner back home in Australia.

I probably shouldn’t be so hard on Winter, it does have it’s benefits although I feel as if they are somewhat outweighed by the lack of sun which causes minimal social life as well as the fact that my eating habits tend to become excessive in order to fill out those curves on my body saved for the Winter season.

It is good for snuggley fashion, cosy nights in front of the fire and movie nights that become movie days under an abundance of pillows and doonas. I will leave it on that note before the negativity consumes me again.

I loved these two pieces and they fit in perfectly with my tropical escape.

I’m off to sit in front of the fire *brrrr*

Wearing: Ruby Sees All Keepsake Cami, MISSGUIDED Viviana Scallop Hem Mini & ALDO Astiedien Hat

Photography by Giacomo de Martin


Swirl Green-1 Swirl Green-5 Swirl Green-3 Swirl Green-4 Swirl Green-7 Swirl Green-2 Swirl Green-6

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