This was by far my favourite day of ours in Samui. Pure bliss and utter relaxation. It was a day of exploration in the most adventurous (or dangerous?) way – on the back of a Thai motorbike.

We certainly made up for that stress by lazing around on kilometres of untouched beaches. The white sand and turquoise water was a thing, I thought, only in postcards. Clearly I was mistaken. This particular day was just breathtaking. After riding around the island, we found a secluded beach in the Taling Ngam region of Samui. If you asked me how to get here again, I most likely couldn’t tell you but that only encapsulates the beauty of our day.

As you can see from the shots, the GM2NY Rosette scarf was a personal favourite on my trip. Not only did it provide me with glamour status on the back of a motorbike, it did a fabulous job at preventing sunburn and obviously was an amazing prop for one of our mini shoots.

Wearing: Billabong Denim Shorts, ZARA White Tank, Cue Stevie Sunglasses, Billabong Twisted Bikini (top & bottom sold seperately) & GM2NY (Get Me to New York) Rosette Scarf


Taling Ngam Beach-2

12 Replies to “Samui”

  1. Hey brilliant photos.. please continue to post the full resolution pictures as the details on those are fantastic..

    1. No tanning used in Thailand, but do try to use it back home to stay on the sun safe side.
      I’m a bit slack with exercise but just try to make sure I’m constantly moving. I’m always walking in my job so that helps and I try to do a Bikram Yoga class once a week. x

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