Sunset Lagoon

With the chill of Autumn in the air, I’m slowing coming around to the idea of Winter. I’m preparing the wardrobe and pulling out those winter woolies I haven’t seen in 9 months.

Had a perfect afternoon shooting by the lagoon in Terrigal last week. You can see the shades of sunset change throughout the shots. Such a beautiful time of year.


Wearing: Elliatt Ornamental White Dress, Mossee Classic Trench, ZARA TRF Heels, 8 Other Reasons Anarchy Necklace and The Bag Department Evelyn Bag.

Sunset Lagoon piezloves-6Sunset Lagoon piezloves-5Sunset Lagoon piezloves-7Sunset Lagoon piezloves-8Sunset Lagoon piezloves-9Sunset Lagoon piezloves-10     Sunset Lagoon piezloves-11Sunset Lagoon piezloves-15Sunset Lagoon piezloves-4Sunset Lagoon BW

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