Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums out there today! What better opportunity to share these shots that I’ve been loving on for a while now.

How good is a day just dedicated to seeing family? We live in such a busy world where there seems like there is no time for anything, let along just ‘hanging out’ time. It’s nice to have an excuse to eat and do nothing but be in each others company.

These behind the scenes shots of Miss Georgie May Jagger (a fave of mine) and her mum, Jerry Hall were taken for a Sunglass Hut campaign, called ‘WOW MUM’. The campaign was shot in London by Matt Irwin and styled by Victoria Young.

I’m super excited to check out the some similar frames Georgie is sporting in these shots. To view the complete collection of the WOW MUM Sunglass Hut frames, click here. You can even try on the frames online – how crazy is our world becoming!

And on the topic of Mothers Day, I thought it only fitting to include some snaps of my Mum too – she’s sans sunnies in these pics, however, I feel a gift coming on (hope you’re not reading this Mumsie!).

_MG_1584 _MG_1613 _MG_1616 _MG_1658

Mothers Day-3 Mothers Day-2 Mothers Day-7 Mothers Day-8 Mothers Day-6 Mothers Day-5 Mothers Day-4

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