Dolls Who Dine

I actually love the weekends so much. Like, more than most normal people. When Friday afternoons come around, a small tear of excitement is shed. This weekend, in particular, was made even more amazing with a wonderful outing in the city.

It was a visit to Riley St Garage which made the weekend so fabulous. We were able to enjoy a specially prepared Mothers Day menu full of glorious, delicious cuisine.

Riley St Garage is a beautiful Art Deco building in Woolloomooloo, Sydney. If you weren’t looking for the place, you would, no doubt, walk straight by. The building, in the 1930’s, was originally a garage/mechanics (hence the name), however, has now been re-vamped into a beautiful bistro/restaurant whilst still keeping the unique Art Deco feel.

Riley St Garage run a ‘Dolls Who Dine’ program every Saturday and it’s just an excuse (as if we needed one anyway) for the girls to get together and talk and eat – our two basic needs in life. It was just an incredible dining experience, can’t wait to take more dolls back to this awesome little spot!

Photography by Dominique Cherry of DEC Creatives

Wearing: Mad Love Wild Wolves Skirt, ZARA White Linen Shirt, BonBons Alisa Bootie & The Bag Department Evelyn Bag

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