I’m still going through the hoards of shots taken on my last trip to Thailand, and although I have somewhat adjusted to being home now, I still get a little nostalgic looking through the pics and remembering the amazing time that was had! That’s the beauty of holidays I suppose; they always leave you wanting more.

I have a photo diary coming very soon with awesome travelling tips and Samui hotspots but for now enjoy this little shoot featuring a gorgeous Paint it Red skirt. In case you can’t tell from the pics, the front zipper is rose gold – my favourite feature. Despite the shoot being in the tropics, I have full intentions on ‘winter-ising’ this skirt to make the most of it in the cooler months.

Wearing: Paint it Red Magic Dragon Skirt, ZARA White Linen Shirt (a clear fave of mine at the moment!) Love. Frankie Crystal Necklace, Earrings and Ring  and Steve Madden Flats.

Oriental Chaweng-1 Oriental Chaweng-2 Oriental Chaweng-3 Oriental Chaweng-4 Oriental Chaweng-5 Oriental Chaweng-6 Oriental Chaweng-7 Oriental Chaweng-8 Oriental Chaweng-9 Oriental Chaweng-10 Oriental Chaweng-11 Oriental Chaweng-12 Oriental Chaweng-13

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