Bella Box

I’ve always wondered what all the hype about beauty and fashion boxes were. I suppose I just figured, if you wanted to sample some products, just go out and buy them to try!

That was all until I tried this amazing Bella Box.

So how it works is that you pay $15 a month to receive a surprise goodie box. You are then able to sample some amazing products and if you like the products you try then you can buy directly through the Bella Box website and they dispatch it for you the next day.

It’s really quite nifty. I’m very impressed with how convenient it all is. It just means you’re not wasting your hard earned cash on products that you buy to test out but don’t actually end up liking.

I did a little Autumn shoot with my recent Bella Box and got some amazing  products. The beauty (pun) of it all is that you’re not just getting smidgy little tester sized products, they are actually quite a decent sized!

In my box were the following products:

  1. St Tropez – Bronzing Mousse
  2. Pure – Paw Paw Papaya Ointment
  3. Sally Hansen – Sugar Coat ‘Razzleberry’
  4. Red Earth – Lip Lustre ‘Crystalize’
  5. Vaseline – Anti-ageing Lotion
  6. Natralus – Aloe Very Gel
  7. Max Factor – X Intensity Black Eyeliner

After sampling this new box, it’s safe to say that I’m a convert. I love this whole concept and would definitely recommend it if you’re a bit of a beauty fiend or even as an awesome gift!

Use the $5 off voucher above and get your first box for only $10!

Bella Box-1 Bella Box-2 Bella Box-3 Bella Box-4 Bella Box-5 Bella Box-6 Bella Box-7

2 Replies to “Bella Box”

  1. Gorgeous pics! I’ve found that if I were to set a budget to spend each month, I’d either forget to go shopping, or more probably, go over budget. Having a delivery service guarantees I’m on track to trying something new, and can be a nice surprise for when I forget!

  2. I love seeing what’s inside these boxes, maybe I’ll have to subscribe to one myself!
    I just created a new beauty blog and I’d be so thankful if you’d check it out as I love your blog!

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