Winter in the City

I’m really excited to share with you my WISH, Winter in the City, Style Challenge.

Never having actually lived in a city, I decided to shoot this gorgeous Evanescent Dress in ‘my’ city, the city of Terrigal, Central Coast NSW.

Clearly I’m slightly biased, however, no other city compares to the beauty of the Australian coast line, the Central Coast particularly.

Coming into winter, it’s starting to get really cold and my beach lifestyle is slowly fading into a distant memory. In the attempts to stay positive throughout the season transitioning, I’m embracing winter for all that it is with big scarfs, chunky knits and warm, cuddly coats. Although, as shown in one of the shots below, I could have done with a few of these things on this wintery shoot!

Wearing: Wish Evanescent Dress, The Bag Department Lucie Zip Clutch & Windsor Smith Gillie HeelsRing and Necklace both by ThePeachBox


Winter in the City-7 Winter in the City-3 Winter in the City-1 Winter in the City-2 Winter in the City-9 Winter in the City-8Winter in the City-4

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