The Eastern

Last week was one of the busiest weeks I have had in a long time. Hence only getting round to posting some of the shots now.

One of the exciting opportunities was attending the launch of the new and revamped ‘The Eastern’ at Bondi Junction.

The Eastern is decked out with multiple levels of excitement. Each level offering a unique and individual vibe and feel.The levels include, Good Time Burgers, Good Time Diner with a Southern feel from New Orleans Louisiana, El Topo Basement and El Topo Mexican Restaurant on the top level.

My personal favourite was the El Topo Mexican Restaurant. Being my favourite type of food, the Mexican restaurant on the top level really tickled my fancy. The food was sensational with the stand out being the Maiz Carbonizado (Charred Corn, Pumpkin Seed, Chipotle and Queso Fresco) – YUM! Very much looking forward to heading back there for a main meal soon!

Such a fabulous night meeting some awesome people.

Shots by Dominique Cherry of DEC Creatives

KP Wearing: Three of Something Top, Mad Love Wild Wolves Skirt & ZARA Heels

Goodtime Diner
Taj Burrows
Big Brother & The Block Contestants

L-R Tim Dormer (half of him) and Jade Albany of Big Brother, Kara & Kyal of The Block

El Topo Basement
Brock Goodhill (Umm Communications) & Emily Rex (The Voice)
Brock Goodhill & I
Emily Rex & I
The BF & I x
Tai Hara (Home & Away) & I
Kristiarne Lawrence & Myself x
Myself & the amazing photographer, Dom Cherry x
Fely Irvine (The Voice) & I
Fely Irvine (The Voice) & I

Last shot courtesy of Life Without Andy Event Photography

One Reply to “The Eastern”

  1. Seriously… with all the famous people. And, oh look! There’s Dom in FRONT of the camera! She’s as good in front of it as you are 😉 x

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