My Billini Boots

I’m relishing in the fact that I can now wear boots appropriately for the season. I’m one of those paranoid people that doesn’t like to dress innapropriately for the weather, i.e. scarves in Summer – I will just never get it!

Due to the cooler weather, I’ve unashamedly acquired around 5 pairs of boots in the last 3 weeks. It’s becoming a serious problem!

However, these ones are a particular favourite of mine. The Billini range have a heap of great stuff at the moment at a really affordable price, they are definitely worth checking out.

Loving on Billini so much so that I’m giving you guys, my readers, the chance to score yourself some of your own babies from their website!

All you need to do is:

  1. Head over to my Instagram account @piezloves (click here)
  2. Follow @piezloves and @billinishoes
  3. Comment on my Instagram shot of the Billini boots so I know that you’ve entered and you’re in the draw! Easy!

Good luck lovelies! x

Wearing: MISSGUIDED Freya Lace Kimono, Cotton On Zippy Jean, Bebe Sydney Top, The Bag Department Evelyn Bag & Billini Rain Boots

Photography: Jessica Talty x


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