Wyndham Estate

I love living so close to the Hunter Valley in NSW. It’s just a gorgeous place that I definitely took for granted in my younger years.

At a friend’s wedding recently, I was able to check out Wyndham Estate Winery. It was just stunning with it’s rolling hills of vineyards. They vines were dormant at the time of our visit but I can only imagine how lucious they would look in their prime season.

Had the best day at the amazing venue shooting with the bf and my beautiful friend Brookie (as pictured).

Wearing: Portmans Floral Dress, ZARA Heels & The Bag Department Evelyn Bag

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One Reply to “Wyndham Estate”

  1. Love what both of you are wearing. I love the Hunter Valley and think when I lived on the coast, I took MOST of it for granted. Glad you are discovering it through grown up eyes.

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