Over the recent long weekend our family all joined forces for a family reunion in Wagga Wagga (so good they named it twice).

It was such a lovely weekend of catching up with relatives and was a central place to meet as we all mostly live in Sydney or Melbourne. Wagga seemed to be halfway and it was where my grandfather was raised. It was so good to visit somewhere new and experience the Australian countryside in all its (freezing cold) glory.

I loved the fact that I was shooting a 100% woollen outfit on my great aunt’s farm. They have been in the wool industry for years and have been through all the ups and downs. I love this outfit, It’s made in New Zealand and has such a nice feel on.

Wearing: Daniel K Dotty Skirt, Daniel K Crop Top, Jendi Hat & ZARA Heels

Daniel K Dotty - piezloves-2 Daniel K Dotty - piezloves-3 Daniel K Dotty - piezloves-4 Daniel K Dotty - piezloves-5 Daniel K Dotty - piezloves-6 Daniel K Dotty - piezloves-11 Daniel K Dotty - piezloves-10 Daniel K Dotty - piezloves-9 Daniel K Dotty - piezloves-8 Daniel K Dotty - piezloves-7 Daniel K Dotty - piezloves-1



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