Experience Everything

I have been so absent on all media fronts lately and it’s all due to the fact that I, quite literally, have been experiencing everything.

From travelling across the countryside, to the busyness of work, there’s been a lot happening. Hoping that I’ll get to catch up on all my shoots over the next couple of weeks. I’m really excited to post all the projects we’ve been working on.

boohoo clothing invited me to #experienceeverything at the Sydney Film Festival over the weekend. It’s all part of their new campaign where you can win a holiday using the hashtag! I wore boohoo to the event which seemed only fitting. I haven’t worn a pair of culottes in years but felt completely at ease in these wide leg long shorts! Highly recommended for the dressy yet comfortable feel.

Wearing: boohoo Culottes, Dotti Crop & Faux Leather Jacker (similar here), h&m Tote and Alias Mae Darrix Heels

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