This was such an awesome shoot, so much fun and in such a beautiful area; the suburb of Pyrmont, Sydney.

The dress speaks for itself, as does the photography. Such a beautiful capture of the afternoon light filtering in through the cityscape.

If you love the dress as much as I do, the Desolate Shores Lace Maxi Dress is now available through The Iconic (click here).

Photography: Dominique Cherry of DEC Creatives

Wearing: Ruby Sees All Desolate Shores Maxi, Le Specs ‘Runaways’ Sunglasses & Alias Mae Darrix Heels


deccreatives-6822deccreatives-6696 deccreatives-6783 deccreatives-6814 deccreatives-6705 deccreatives-6755 deccreatives-6774 deccreatives-6737 deccreatives-6771 deccreatives-6855 deccreatives-6902

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