This shoot was shot in Wagga on a recent family holiday. There were so many amazing ‘country-style’ shooting spots, it was hard to pick one. For this outfit, we settled on the beautiful Botanical Gardens in town.

Love this lacework dress which actually on sale at the moment. Shop all things St Frock by clicking here. Such an affordable and trendy site.

Hope you have all had an amazing and restful weekend.

Blessings x

Wearing: Billabong Bitter Sweet Denim Jacket from SDS, St Frock Lacework Dress & Nine West Cowboy Booties (eBay purchase)

Photography: Giacomo de Martin

stfrockwagga-piezloves-1 stfrockwagga-piezloves-6 stfrockwagga-piezloves-4 stfrockwagga-piezloves-7 stfrockwagga-piezloves-5 stfrockwagga-piezloves-8 stfrockwagga-piezloves-2 stfrockwagga-piezloves-12 stfrockwagga-piezloves-3 stfrockwagga-piezloves-10 stfrockwagga-piezloves-11 stfrockwagga-piezloves-9 stfrockwagga-piezloves-13

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