Top 5 Beauty Buys – July

A few of my fave beauty buys from last month!

Enjoy x

1. Puretopia – Eye Rescue Massage Roller ($15.99)

piezloves - July Beauty Buys-3

Not only does this roller feel incredible on your soft eyelids, it is an amazing hydrater. This rescue remedy helps to energise and reduce puffiness and dark circles after long nights. It actually feels so luxurious and I love the whole ethos behind this company. Read all about their aim to provide natural and organic skin care products to women here.


2. Max Factor – Lipfinity Lip Colour

piezloves - July Beauty Buys-5

This is actually incredible. After being on the hunt for a long lasting lip colour for a lifetime, I’ve finally found the PERFECT solution. This is not one of those lip colour gimmicks, the colour legitimately stays on for 24 hours and does not come off while eating or drinking. Plenty of shades to pick from too!


3. Covergirl – Flamed Out Shadow Pencil ($9.95)

piezloves - July Beauty Buys-2

I’ve always stuck to my old ways in terms of eye shadow. I mostly just used my finger and my little MAC pots, however, this eye shadow has changed my ways. There are some beautiful shades in the pencils and they go on like a dream. Super smooth and easy to blend. Definitely recommend, especially with such an affordable price tag!


4. Jojoba – 100% Natural Ultimate Jojoba Youth Potion ($39.95)

piezloves - July Beauty Buys-4

I have already used a whole bottle of this pure Jojoba oil and my skin has loved me for it. I’ve been using it every morning as an all over moisturiser and my skin is feeling fab. I also love the fact that it’s completely natural, no nasty chemicals in sight anywhere!


5. Paul Mitchel – Tee Tree Lavender Mint Moisturising Shampoo & Conditioner ($19.95 each)

piezloves - July Beauty Buys-1This moisturising shampoo and conditioner leaves your hair smelling heavenly and feeling super soft. I usually wash my hair every second day which can sometimes dry my hair out, however, this shampoo and conditioner was really hydrating and allowed me to keep up my wash routine and didn’t leave it feeling oily either. A great little combo if you’re in the market for a new S&C!


Would love to know how you guys went with trying out these products. Keep in touch!

Kelly x

piezloves - July Beauty Buys-7

5 Replies to “Top 5 Beauty Buys – July”

  1. Hi Kelly- love your posts.
    I tried Jojoba oil you recommended- loving it so far! Absorbs well and doesn’t leave an oily residue.

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