The Rocks

I’ve said it before, but nothing makes me happier than drenching my tastebuds with delicious food. I recently spent a morning exploring the markets in Sydney’s historic precinct, ‘The Rocks’. The food is fresh, flavoursome and just overall scrumptious.

The area was established shortly after colonisation in 1788 so it’s one of the oldest developed areas in Australia. The buildings are mostly made of sandstone, hence the name ‘The Rocks’. It’s such a beautiful area where you feel like you’re stepping back in time. Definitely worth a visit if you find yourself in the area!

Wearing: Mister Zimi Christina Dress, Dotti Biker Jacker (similar here), h&m tote  (similar here) ASOS Harrow Heeled Sandal

Photography: Dom Cherry of DEC Creatives

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13 Replies to “The Rocks”

  1. ‘The Rocks’ sounds like a really cool place to visit! From the food to the architecture, not too mention the history behind the place. A lot to discover there haha!

    We explore the Australian culture including their music, art, food, fashion, lifestyle, etc. This is a great post to discover a new area of such a popular city.

    Oh and props to the photographer for such nice pictures!

  2. I love The Rocks, and haven’t been there for a long time. Must book a trip to Sydney pronto, and come and eat with you. (I think businesses could fare quite nicely for all the food I pack in 😉 x

  3. I love exploring new markets, especially when they have a lot of history attached to them. Next time I go to Sydney I’ll definitely make sure to check out The Rocks. Thanks for the tip 🙂

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