Boat Life

Braving the early morning chill, we ventured out for a day on the lake. Lake Macquarie to be precise. I grew up not too far from here and it was so lovely to be back out on one the largest salt water lakes in the Southern Hemisphere.

The sun eventually peered its way through the clouds. It was the first bit of real, warm sun I’d felt all winter which made me a little bit excited on the inside.

Our amazing boat skipper, Russ, showed us all the sites and chatted to us about his new clothing label, Pure Passion which he reps in a few shots below. Check out their great range of apparel at or on their Facebook page (click here).

Photography: Dom Cherry of DEC Creatives

Wearing: Holister Khaki Jacket (similar here), St Frock Stripe Yacht Top, Billabong Denim Shorts, 

deccreatives-6896 deccreatives-7017 deccreatives-6920 deccreatives-6976 deccreatives-7068 deccreatives-7125 deccreatives-7285 deccreatives-7268 deccreatives-7368 deccreatives-7468 deccreatives-7527 deccreatives-7489

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