She’s finally here! Bless her little heart. We’ve waited a while but she finally showed her face this weekend.

Loved being able to stroll my hometown, Terrigal, over the weekend in a skirt and short sleeves! I even had the chance to buy an ice-cream! Magic. #smallthings


Wearing: St Frock Top, Loeil Front Split Skirt, ASOS Harrow Heeled Sandal, Karen Walker Northern Lights Sunglasses and The Bag Department Bag.

piezloves-StFrockReadyorNot-1 piezloves-StFrockReadyorNot-5 piezloves-StFrockReadyorNot-2 piezloves-StFrockReadyorNot-4 piezloves-StFrockReadyorNot-6 piezloves-StFrockReadyorNot-3 piezloves-StFrockReadyorNot-7 piezloves-StFrockReadyorNot-8

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