I’ve photographed in this spot before, however, was even more excited to give the backlit vibe another go with my new camera! I literally haven’t put my new 6D down. Pure excitement! Loved the outcome of the shoot and loving that I get to wear all those online purchases now the sun has come to play!

Hope the weekend was eventful yet relaxing for all.

Namaste x

Wearing: St Frock The Only Way is Up Cami, H&M Skirt (similar here), Ladakh Denim Jacket (circa 2003) – similar here and Jessica Buurman Rumi Sandals.

piezloves-St Frock TheOnlyWayIsUp-2 piezloves-St Frock TheOnlyWayIsUp-5 piezloves-St Frock TheOnlyWayIsUp-9 piezloves-St Frock TheOnlyWayIsUp-3 piezloves-St Frock TheOnlyWayIsUp-8 piezloves-St Frock TheOnlyWayIsUp-4 piezloves-St Frock TheOnlyWayIsUp-1 piezloves-St Frock TheOnlyWayIsUp-6 piezloves-St Frock TheOnlyWayIsUp-7

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