At Sea

Spent an amazing week At Sea recently. Having never been on a cruise myself, it was so nice to sit back and relax for a solid week. I LOVED shooting on the shaded decks, the contrasting white wash with the wood deck and ocean made for an awesome backdrop.

Much more on the cruise to come but for now here is one of my favourite and super versatile dresses of late. Perfect just to throw on for either a casual day at the beach or pair with some heels for a more dressy evening look.

Wearing: Honey & Beau Castaway Romance Dress & Pandora Jewellery

Photography: Giacomo de Martin

honey&beauXpiezloves-6 honey&beauXpiezloves-4 honey&beauXpiezloves-10 honey&beauXpiezloves-14 honey&beauXpiezloves-9 honey&beauXpiezloves-13 honey&beauXpiezloves-8 honey&beauXpiezloves-12 honey&beauXpiezloves-7 honey&beauXpiezloves-11 honey&beauXpiezloves-5 honey&beauXpiezloves-3 honey&beauXpiezloves-2 honey&beauXpiezloves-1

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