Le Phare Amédée

This place was utterly breathtaking. We weren’t sure on what shore tours to do while we were in port at Noumea, however, we weren’t overly keen on spending the day in Noumea itself. A few friends recommended the Amedee lighthouse (le Phare Amédée)  tour to us and, after doing some research, decided that would be our best bet.

The day did not disappoint with photo opportunities everywhere we looked. P&O were very helpful in the booking process as well as assisting us on the morning of the tour. We had a nice early breakfast at the restaurant on board and with no complications disembarking early, we were on our way.

Paradise awaited.

The day itself included a fabulous buffet lunch with local food as well as some familiar dishes if you weren’t feeling all too adventurous, there was a coconut opening demonstration, cultural dancing and numerous tours departing from the wharf that were included in the day’s fare. You will notice in one of the photos a  ‘friendly’ stripey snake curled up in a log, these particular snakes were everywhere. They were swimming in the water and hanging out on beach. For someone with a great fear of snakes, you did get used to see these little guys around the place. They apparently aren’t harmful as long as they’re not provoked so we decided to stay WELL away.

PS: I make no apology for the amount of photos in this post. I’m hoping it stirs up a bit of wanderlust in all of you. We all need a good dose, especially mid-week! I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Wearing (photos from top to bottom): Billabong Surfside Bustier & Lowrider Pant, Karen Walker Northern Lights Sunglasses, Billabong Leila Cami & Unwritten Clothing Playsuit (similar here).

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