Beauty Buys

It’s been a while since I’ve reported on various beauty products, however, in the meantime I’ve been diligently discovering a few gems to share with you all. This post is a collection of the most fabulous ones I’ve discovered of late. Hope you like! x


1. Kérastase – Discipline Haircare Regime

I think I’ve mentioned in previous beauty posts about my extreme lack of hair maintenance care. I’m always feeling super guilty at the thought of hair maintenance and am often telling myself off for not having enough discipline to properly care from my locks.

With my new hair care regime, I don’t really need to worry. The regime takes care of all the work and apart from needing a trim extremely badly lately, my hair is in fabulous condition. The Discipline Regime definitely lives up to its anti-frizz promise.

This regime is seriously worth a try, especially the masque! See prices and links below.

piezloves-2181 piezloves-2185


2. Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy Nail Polish – $16.95

I’m probably the roughest person you’ll ever meet when it comes to keeping a mani and pedi intact. Honestly, one second after I’m out the door there will undoubtedly be a chip somewhere! That’s why when I came across this new top coat from Revlon, I was so excited to share it on the blog! I’ve always used Revlon on my nails as I’ve found it to be the most study of all the brands (and I’ve tried a lot!) so using this top coat over all my shades just makes it all the more durable. I couldn’t rave on more about this product! Thank me later! 😉



3. Toni & Guy Heat Protection Mist – $11.95

This is a great heat protection product that will not leave your hair feeling oily or bitty. It’s light weight and has an easy to use nozzle that doesn’t squirt product out onto one spot (I hate that). It’s a great design and perfect to use before any heat styling.



4. Vanessa Megan Facial Regime – The Holy Trinity Pack – $148 

If you are after an all natural, vegan and organic skincare regime then this is definitely the product you’re after. Don’t be put off by the seemingly expensive price tag above, you get what you pay for. This pack is suitable for all skin types and you do really see and feel a difference in just days. I’m very happy with what these products have done for my skin.

Check out more of Vanessa Megan’s amazing organic products here. 



5. Ardell Fashion False Lashes – $12.95 (+ Brow Defining Kit – $25.95)

These lashes are just great for an affordable extreme makeover. I rarely wear false eyelashes due to how difficult I find applying them so when I do I look like a different person (in a good way). Born with naturally stumpy eyelashes as it is, these make all the difference. I’m making it a promise to myself to wear them more frequently in future. These Ardell lashes are very affordable and, with a starter kit, are very easy to apply. Why not splurge and give yourself some brow definition while you’re at it? Complete with pencil, bruch, sharpener and shadow, your brows will be in prime condition in no time!

piezloves-2270 piezloves-2272

Thanks for reading friends. Let me know if you have any review requests, always happy to help out where needed and am always on the lookout for the perfect products.

K xx


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