Well it certainly has been a while! I’m so excited to be back in the swing of things online and can’t wait to post some of my unpublished shots in the next week or so.

Life got the better of me for a while there, work was finishing up for the year, the busiest time for teachers with reports and end of year assessments etc, Jack and I got engaged which, after we set a date, called for immediate wedding planning as the date is rather soon. Plus the busy-ness of the Christmas period. There’s been a lot happening!

I fell in love with this Elliatt two piece set as soon as it arrived. It’s so unique and definitely makes a statement. It’s unlike any other pieces around at the moment. It’s selling out super quick so hopefully my links below hang around for a while.

Hope you are all on top of your Christmas shopping. I’m off to the shops today… to start… don’t judge.

Blessings and love to all xx

Wearing: ELLIATT Embroidered/Textured Portrait Skirt (click here) and Top (click here) in Teal and Verali White Rae Sandals

piezloves x Elliatt Twin-3 piezloves x Elliatt Twin-5 piezloves x Elliatt Twin-4 piezloves x Elliatt Twin-6 piezloves x Elliatt Twin-2 piezloves x Elliatt Twin-7piezloves x Elliatt Twin-1

5 Replies to “Hello”

  1. Wow! Amazing outfits and brilliant photography… Is there anywhere to view your full photo galleries? Not IG – its very low res 🙂

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