Last weekend was one of those fabulous weekends where I ate my way Friday through Sunday. The pinnacle of my food coma eventuated at the glorious Growers’ Markets in Pyrmont, Sydney.

The markets occur the first Saturday of each month and operate rain, hail or shine and they are definitely worth a visit.

Last weekend, James Viles of Biota Dining (see previous post on the fabulous restaurant here) was the featured chef of the morning. He spent the session demonstrating how to spit-roast pork on your own barbecue at home and offered up tips and tricks of the trade.

The variety in stall holders is amazing. A personal favourite of mine, whom I seem to find myself stalking around the various Sydney markets, is Brooklyn Boy Bagels. Their bagels take me back to the streets of NYC. You know a good bagel when it doesn’t need toasting. These bagels are mean!

Whilst I’m on the subject of bread, my true vice, my other favourite item of the morning was the incredible cinnamon scrolls from the Sonoma Bakery stall (pictured below). Being a dedicated Whole Wheat Miche girl, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to support my favourite bakers.

The Sydney Morning Herald Growers’ Market, Pyrmont are fantastic market with the most superb backdrop of the beautiful Sydney harbour and Sydney skyline. Get there ASAP!

Wearing: One Teaspoon Hendrixe Skirt, ZARA White Linen Shirt (similar here), The Bag Department Evelyn Bag & Jessica Buurman Rumi Sandals

Photography: Dominique Cherry of DEC Creatives

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2 Replies to “Grow”

  1. Oh, I want to go there. Looks like the most amazing place to visit and to EAT. Oh my favourite thing to do in the whole wide world! Love your outfit, and Dom had outdone herself – again. How is that possible? xxx

  2. Awesome photography. You are looking stunning in this white shirt and blue short jeans. You have too much brilliance in the sector of generating incomparable fashion and style. Thank you very much for sharing this kind of informative blog with us about fashion with us and also like the incomparable food recipe and yummy juice.

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