Cenote Ik Kil

No photo will ever do justice to this truly wonderful place. Words were literally stolen from my mouth as I stood in awe at the bottom of this cenote.

We weren’t on the ball with our planning during this segment of our trip, (enjoying our holiday too much and becoming too relaxed!) we completely skipped this cenote after exploring the ruins of Chichén Itzá (more on that to come) and ended up driving the 2hrs straight to Tulum, completely missing this AMAZING cenote. I was under the impression it was closer to the coast but was sorely mistaken. We couldn’t leave Mexico without seeing this natural wonder so made the trek back up inland on our last day there. It was WELL worth the drive.

If you go to Mexico, please oh please oh please visit this cenote! You will need to fly into Cancun and get transported across to it. We chose to hire a car which was SUPER beneficial. We had more freedom that way. Get to the cenote early though as the bus loads arrive with hoards of tourists and fill the cenote up with bright, orange coloured life-vests – not great for photos. We had a beautiful sunny day when we visited which also wasn’t great for photos but I’m hoping my pics and video will convey some of my amazement on the day.

Enjoy and let me know what you think x

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4 Replies to “Cenote Ik Kil”

  1. I think you’ve done it justice. It looks so beautiful. So glad you went back to visit and capture some of the amazingness of this place. x

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