Fitness Goals

Summer bodies are made in winter‘Summer bodies are made in the winter.’

This phrase has been haunting me lately. I see it everywhere, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and to be frank, it really irks me.  Being an exercise loather, I’m not one to be out there every week getting my fit on. However, I can’t deny that although I find this motivational quote stupid and guilt provoking, it has certainly prompted me to start my latest fitness goal.

My goal for the next 9 weeks is to carry out at least 2 sessions of decent exercise a week. It may not sound like a lot but I’m trying to make it achievable so that I’m encourage to step it up a notch after it’s completed. I’m mostly a frequent Bikram Yoga goer, however, my attendance has been inconsistent lately, hence the new goal.

And of course, what would a new fitness goal be without the purchase of the customary accompanying fitness gear? I love these pieces from Cotton On Body and Mosmann Australia.

I’d love to hear what your fitness/summer goals are? Let me know and help get me motivated!

Wearing: Cotton On Body Capri Pants, Cotton On Body Workout Tank, Mosmann Australia Steph Crop Top & Steph Bikini Brief

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One Reply to “Fitness Goals”

  1. The saying is true. Glad you are inspired. Ran 8k this morning and wonder what else I can achieve today! Where is the jumper from? Love the sleeves!

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