Maxi Love

Port Fairy would have to be one of my favourite places to visit. I will (hopefully) get around to doing a travel post of the gorgeous town soon. In the meantime, I managed to do a quick photoshoot while I spent some time there over the Christmas break.

This is my first post for 2016 and I’m excited to spend some time focussing on my blog this year. I took some time away to step back and rethink why it was that I was putting so much time into something that was starting to become dictated by other people’s thoughts and ideas. I figured that in order to retain the integrity of my blog I needed to steer away from the direction it was heading. I decided I wanted to keep this forum a personal and genuine space which is actually enjoyable for me to create while remaining true and honest. There’s very exciting things to come this year, I can’t wait to dive back in to and rediscover what it was I loved about this blog when I first created it.

The first outfit post for 2016 is this tropical print maxi which I bought online a while back at with Summer days in mind, however, it was a bit of a wet Christmas this year down under so didn’t get to sport it all that much, looking forward to many warmer days ahead.

PS. This fab maxi is currently on sale at Revolve –

Wearing: Getaway Maxi Dress by Faithfull The Brand (ON SALE!), Ray Ban Original Wayfarer Sunglasses and Tony Bianco Foley Lace Up Sandals.

Photography: Giacomo de Martin (aka Instagram Husband)

Faithfull Getaway Dress Port Fairy piezloves-13Faithfull Getaway Dress Port Fairy piezloves-7Faithfull Getaway Dress Port Fairy piezloves-16Faithfull Getaway Dress Port Fairy piezloves-5Faithfull Getaway Dress Port Fairy piezloves-1Faithfull Getaway Dress Port Fairy piezloves-4Faithfull Getaway Dress Port Fairy piezloves-9Faithfull Getaway Dress Port Fairy piezloves-10Faithfull Getaway Dress Port Fairy piezloves-17Faithfull Getaway Dress Port Fairy piezloves-6Faithfull Getaway Dress Port Fairy piezloves-2Faithfull Getaway Dress Port Fairy piezloves-15Faithfull Getaway Dress Port Fairy piezloves-11Faithfull Getaway Dress Port Fairy piezloves-8Faithfull Getaway Dress Port Fairy piezloves-14
Faithfull Getaway Dress Port Fairy piezloves-12

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