I hate nothing more than wearing something you don’t feel comfortable in which is why when I found this dress, I knew it was ‘the one’! Honestly, it is just THE most comfortable thing ever.

I often spend my weekends in trackies and tees because, after a week of full time crazy work, all I want is to just lie in bed and watch Netflix. I’m loving that this dress makes me feel like I’m still in bed cloths yet is more socially acceptable than wearing pyjamas to the mall.

I shot this outfit on the porch of my favourite house on the Central Coast. It’s over 100 years old and I’m honestly just so in love with it. It’s currently abandoned but unfortunately, developers have got a hold of it, and although it’s heritage listed, have decided to build a monstrosity of a development right around my beautiful home. I’m beyond devastated and furious that Council would allow one of few heritage buildings left on our coast to be overtaken by money hungry developers. The integrity of this beautiful estate will be completely destroyed as it becomes lost in the abyss of modern design and architecture. Anyway #RantOver. I’m praying that somehow the development falls through and I spend Sunday afternoons right where these photos are taken with hot tea and a book in hand. #bliss

Wearing: Honey & Beau Stripe Knit Tee Dress, Witchery Denim Jacket, Lack of Color Spencer Fedora Hat, Superga White Cotu Classic Sneakers, The Horse Original Watch, ZARA Slouch Bag (similar here) & Rayban Original Wayfarer Sunglasses

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3 Replies to “Comfort”

  1. You’re right. It IS a beautiful home. What a shame it will be covered. Developers only think of the money, not the beautiful heritage it is. Gorgeous dress too. No wonder why you love it. Looks great AND comfortable.

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