The Farm Byron Bay

Even if you’re not from Byron Bay, it would be hard to not have heard about the ‘The Farm’. I’ve never been to a venue quite like it. It’s essentially just a farm containing a collection of amazing micro-businesses such as a cafe, bakery, florist all sharing a common goal of ‘improving health and wellness from the ground up.’

This place is on my ‘to visit’ list every time we’re in Byron. There are just too many things I love to list about The Farm Byron Bay. I love that you can go there no matter what time of the day and there’s always going to be something there for you, whether it be a packed picnic somewhere around The Farm or a breakfast at Three Blue Ducks or even just a take away coffee and bakery treat. There is something for everyone.

What makes this place so special is the whole philosophy and concept behind it all. Below is an excerpt for The Farm’s website.

Our philosophy is built on our motto ‘Grow, Feed, Educate’.

Grow your food, your people and your community.
Feed and nourish your physical self, your soul and the land on which you live.
Educate yourself, your family and your community so that we can all actively participate as sustainable food growers, producers and consumers.

This video says way more than my words will ever say, so have a watch and be inspired!

Photos below by Yours Truly. x

The Farm Byron Bay
11 Ewingsdale Road
Ewingsdale NSW 2481

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