Lace Up

There’s nothing I love more than a sale. It makes the shopping I was going to do anyway that much less guilt evoking. Takes away a bit of the sting!

This Tularosa dress and MANY more beautiful pieces are currently on sale at In fact it’s the whole store that has 20% off. Be sure to use the code ‘TAKE20’ at the checkout. Be quick though, as the sale ends midnight tonight!

Every time I shoot on this pier we seem to have some type of wildlife stop by. This time it was a pair of sting ray in the shallow waters. I was so fascinated/wary of them and thought they deserved their part in my post tonight. I will call them Larry and Sally.

Photography: Dominique Cherry of DEC Creatives

Wearing: Tularosa Lace Up Cassie Dress, Tony Bianco Fortune Lace Up Heels and Samantha Wills Necklace.


Tularosa Revolve Dress piezloves-2Tularosa Revolve Dress piezloves-11Tularosa Revolve Dress piezloves-4Tularosa Revolve Dress piezloves-12Tularosa Revolve Dress piezloves-6Tularosa Revolve Dress piezloves-13Tularosa Revolve Dress piezloves-10Tularosa Revolve Dress piezloves-14Tularosa Revolve Dress piezloves-1Tularosa Revolve Dress piezloves-9Tularosa Revolve Dress piezloves-3Tularosa Revolve Dress piezloves-8Tularosa Revolve Dress piezloves-5Tularosa Revolve Dress piezloves-7

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