I’ve got my oils, now what?

I’ve got my oils. Now what?

By now, you’ve received your oils and you’re starting to learn how to use them. Hopefully, they’re not still sitting in their box!! Never fear if they are, this article is going to provide you with an abundance of ways that you can actually get them out and start using them in your everyday life.

For the sake of convenience and organisation, I have created this article to be a centralised spot of my favourite essential oil resources and accessories. By no means, do you need all of these resources, I just wanted to provide some of the useful places I gain my own essential oil education.

First, have a read through our two starter documents below as they answer a lot of our frequently asked questions.

SOCIAL MEDIA – Click the links to request access if you are a member of my team.
REFERENCE BOOKS – To support health, and emotional wellbeing.
OIL ACCESSORIES – Rollers, Spray Bottles, Storage Cases etc.
  • Website – browse products and see monthly promotions relevant to the Australian market.
  • eBooks – a great collection of eBooks on a variety of topics including, sleep, cleaning & cooking.
  • Blog – for an abundance of DIY and food recipes.
  • YouTube Channel


If you are interested in learning more about the doTERRA business side of things then the Build Guide is a great place to start as well as our Business Information page here.

I hope you find these as useful as I have. As always, be in touch with any questions about the oils, the online account space or even if you’d like to host your own class where you can get your oils paid for.

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