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Put yourself back in the driving seat of your own life.

Come and join our amazing team of beautiful, passionate and motivated women. Women who want to see a change and who know there’s a better way.

Have you dreamt of a life where you don’t have to work for the ‘man’?

Where you weren’t bound to the office from 9 – 5 day in, day out?

Where you didn’t have to ask permission for time off to watch your kid’s soccer game?

Why do doTERRA as a business?

  • I choose when and how I work and with who – I don’t have a ‘boss’
  • My success or failure is completely up to me
  • Equal opportunity for anyone who gives this a go
  • doTERRA’s product AND business practices are aligned with my belief system
  • My earning potential is uncapped and residual
  • I get to be surrounded by, learn from, meet and inspire the most amazing like-minded people
  • Zero qualifications needed.

Why I do this work:

  • This work fills me with purpose
  • It provides financial freedom and allows me to manage my own schedule
  • It gives me the opportunity to receive ongoing coaching & development through your experience?
    Aligning yourself with conscious enterprise?
    Living your dream life? That last one is a trick question: of course everyone has dreamed of their ‘dream life’.

I wasn’t OK with any of this. Where what you’re spending your days doing actually fills you up with purpose instead of leaving you feeling emptied and drained?

For some women, this dream may seem idealistic. Not for me. I wasn’t willing to be OK with anyone having a say in how I lived my life and how I spent my time.

How much work is in building a doTERRA business?

One thing to remember; we all move at different speeds. Some of you are new mamas, or you have full-time jobs like myself. Move at a pace that is nourishing, but also stretches you a little bit to ensure that you grow. ‘Comparison is the thief of joy’ Please NO comparison. We’re all here to run our own race in our lane, alongside one another. This business is by no means a ‘get rich quick scheme’, this business takes commitment, determination and consistency. With these things combined you have the opportunity to reap such a beautiful reward of time and financial freedom and abundance. My team and I are here to support you no matter how much time you can offer your doTERRA journey

But not enough women know that they are actually capable of achieving it.In a time when we have more opportunity and power over our future than ever,
I hear far too many bright, gutsy women saying “I could never do that”.It used to break my heart; until I realised that there was something I could do for them.I met many of these women while coaching them on how to live their dream life (and showing them the way blogging could get them there quicker!).But the first step was for the women to come up with an ideal product or service idea to create a strategy around it. And for a lot of women this is no simple task!When doTERRA arrived in my lap I saw that it was not only the answer to so many of my own problems – it was also the solution for theirs.My team are shown the way by providing people who need it most with the best essential oils in the world. For them, this then provides them with a purpose and a path to create a business. As they say, the rest is history.Women that were tired of being tired and were willing to try something new.

Women that were sick of working long hours that left them stressed, anxious, time-poor and – after all that – still kinda broke!
Women that thought it would be impossible to have a career that supported them while they supported their future family.
Women that were sick of having to ask permission for sick days or (worse) holidays!
Women who were terrified of having to spend time away from their kids only to do jobs they hated (torture!).The women I worked with had all asked the question “is this it?”…
and then paid attention to the rumble in their soul that roared back – HELL NO! Our mission is to show all women that life isn’t happening to you,
It’s happening FOR you.


The more I learn about doTERRA, the prouder I am to represent such an amazing, ethical and generous company. It really lights me up working with other women on this journey. This business is completely collaborative and what I love most is that we ALL RISE UP together!

.So that you can start to understand the doTERRA business model, read through the following doTERRA brochures. I would also love to chat with you about any questions you may have so please make notes as you’re reading.doTERRA Build Guide

  • Benefits of building a financial pipeline
  • Reasons to partner with doTERRA
  • Pipeline activities to start building a business
  • Income potential
  • Three Steps to launch your business

doTERRA Share Guide

  • How to share doTERRA through classes and one-on-ones so you can earn free products for yourself
  • Script ideas for sharing, inviting, and reminding
  • Tips to host successful presentations and an ideal timeline for doing so
  • Skills that set a foundation for a strong business

There is a wealth of information about this business so do not feel like you’ve got to figure it all out at once. We have leaders in our team who have paved the way for us. Duplication is critical in this business, do not re-invent the wheel – it’s just not sustainable! I will link you up to more information once we’ve been through the above guides.I’m always available to help you in any way that I can so please get in touch with me with any questions. I’m available through the app Voxer or you can contact me on 0422 908 256.Finally, if you have not already done so, please make sure you read our Welcome Booklet that came with your welcome email. This eBook contains really great information about doTERRA and the business opportunity.When you’ve had a read through the guides above, please click here to select a time you’re free next and I’ll be in touch. Ensure you have the guides with you for our chat.


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