Isle of Pines

There are no words to describe the sheer beauty of this place. This island probably has the clearest water I’ve ever seen with the most beautiful landscape.

Captain Cook discovered the Isle of Pines and rightly called it so due to the abundance of pine trees on the island. The Isle of Pines is a frequent stop for most P&O Cruises. You can enjoy the island on foot in your own time or you can make the most of the tours offered around the island.

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Le Phare Amédée

This place was utterly breathtaking. We weren’t sure on what shore tours to do while we were in port at Noumea, however, we weren’t overly keen on spending the day in Noumea itself. A few friends recommended the Amedee lighthouse (le Phare Amédée)  tour to us and, after doing some research, decided that would be our best bet.

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Thailand Photo Diary

Better late than never. This would have to be my life motto nowadays. I’m loving the busy-ness of life, as I know I’d be complaining of boredom if the situation were reversed. Had a spare afternoon and, alas, here is my photo diary of my Thailand trip a couple of months back! Continue reading Thailand Photo Diary